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Григо́рий Ефи́мович Распу́тин

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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Григорий Ефимович Распутин)





Rasputin was born a peasant in the small village of Pokrovskoye, along the Tura River in the Tobolsk guberniya (now Tyumen Oblast) in Siberia. The date of his birth remained in doubt for some time and was estimated sometime between 1863 and 1873. Recently, new documents surfaced revealing Rasputin's birth date as 10 January 1869 O.S. (equivalent to 22 January 1869 N.S.)

Not much is known about his childhood and what is known was most likely passed down through his family members. He had two known siblings, a sister called Maria and an older brother named Dmitri. His sister Maria, said to have been epileptic, drowned in a river. One day, when Rasputin was playing with his brother, Dmitri fell into a pond and Rasputin jumped in to save him. They were both pulled out of the water by a passerby but Dmitri eventually died of pneumonia. Both fatalities affected Rasputin and he subsequently named two of his children Maria and Dmitri.

The myths surrounding Rasputin portray him as showing indications of supernatural powers throughout his childhood. One ostensible example of these reputed powers was when Efim Rasputin, Grigori's father, had one of his horses stolen and it was claimed that Rasputin was able to identify the man who had committed the theft.

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The Fall of the Tsar (Source Based)


Both sources agree that Rasputin definitely has some influence over the Russian Royal Family. However, in source B Rasputin is said to be working with Alexandra as German agents trying to "destroy Russia from within." Source A only says that Alexandra came under "the hypnotic influence of Rasputin" but it doesn't suggest any maliciousness from Rasputin. However, from my own knowledge I know that Rasputin was regarded as evil by many.


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Grigori Efimovich Rasputin has been called a Russian mystic among other things, he was also call a "Holy Devil" by Iliodor (Sergei Trufanov) the monk-priest of Tsarytsin. Much which is known about the early life of Rasptin may be more legend than fact, because to the Russian peasants he was a hero, their man. One thing is certain, though, he was a product of his Siberian culture.

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Распутин (Новых) Григорий Ефимович. Жизнь старца и его пророчества о будущем РоссииК.В. Рыжов

Григорий Распутин родился в 1869 году в сибирском селе Покровское Тобольской губернии в семье зажиточного крестьянина. О своей молодости сам Распутин позже говорил: Много в обозах ходил, много ямщичил, и ловил, и пашню пахал.... Школы в селе не было, поэтому Распутин так и остался на всю жизнь неграмотным писал и читал с огромным трудом. Однако уже в отрочестве он стал глубоко задумываться о тайнах бытия. (В 15 лет, вспоминал он много лет спустя, в моем селе, в летнюю пору, когда солнышко тепло грело, а птицы пели райские песни, я ходил по дорожке и не смел идти по середине ее... Я мечтал о Боге... Душа моя рвалась в даль... Не раз мечтая так, я плакал и сам не знал, откуда слезы и зачем они... Так прошла моя юность. В каком-то созерцании, в каком-то сне... И потом, когда жизнь касалась, дотрагивалась до меня, я бежал куда-нибудь в угол и тайно молился...Неудовлетворен я был... На многое ответа не находил... И грустно было... И стал я попивать...)

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Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology

Charismatic Russian monk, who became a powerful figure in the court of Czar Nicholas II, before the Romanov dynasty was swept aside by the Russian Revolution of 1917. The son of a peasant, Rasputin joined a monastery as a novice at the age of sixteen. As the Orthodox Church established hegemony in Russia, various dissenting sect groups emerged, among them the Khlysty. The Khlysty were supposedly founded in the seventeenth century by Daniel Filippov. They deviated from Orthodoxy in numerous ways. Several different splinter groups developed through the nineteenth century and by the beginning of the twentieth century the Khlysty numbered approximately 65,000 people.

Rasputin came into early contact with the Khlysty, though it is unclear just how dedicated a member he had been. Rasputin married around 1890, but his first son died when only six months old. The tragedy sent Rasputin to a strange hermit named Makary, and subsequently Rasputin became absorbed in scriptures, prayer, and meditation. One day he saw an image of the Virgin in the sky, and Makary told him, "God has chosen you for a great achievement. In Order to strengthen your spiritual power, you should go and pray to the Virgin in the convent of Afon."

The convent was at Mount Athos, in Greece, two thousand miles away, but in 1891, Rasputin made the pilgrimage on foot. Later he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, traveling across Turkey. For the next few years he became a wandering staretz (lay priest). He was widely believed to possess occult power, which made him both loved and feared. He manifested gifts of healing and prophecy. In 1903, he traveled to St. Petersburg, where he met influential churchmen, including the monk Illiodor, who later became a hateful rival. Rasputin's reputation as a prophet and miracle worker spread widely, and he was sought by rich and poor.

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