Rasputin on neutral ground, a Baroness' cottage.

Still rumors persisted and the Tsar asked Rasputin to leave. Rasputin did without protest but said if the royal family listened to his enemies they would lose their son and crown within six months.

That fall the royal family vacationed in an isolated place in Poland. It was a place where the Emperor frequently hunted. Returning from a boating trip Alexei bumped his knee on a rock, the unceasing bleeding began. The doctors with the family could do nothing. The boy was in anguish. The Tsaritsa insisted Rasputin be telegraphed. This was done, and when Rasputin telegraphed back he said the Tsesarevich would recover, which he did. There were other incidences like this.

Rasputin's connection with the Tsesarevich is what catapulted him into Russian politics. The Tsaritsa fearing for her son's life would not let him be dismissed again. After Germany declared war on Russia the Emperor went to his headquarters, then Rasputin was the Empress's chief confidant.

Even before this the Tsar had came to trust him through the bidding of his wife. At the beginning of his reign the Tsar had incompetent men advising him. He received the nickname "the Bloody" undeservingly because at his coronation a trench was covered for people to stand on, the covering weakened and some three thousand people fell in. Also he often gave orders and reversed them before they were executed without telling anyone. The Tsar finally confided more in Rasputin who eventually selected government officials just by looking into their eyes. Earlier he had warned the Tsar to always avoid war which helped no one but inflicted suffering on many. This made many enemies for Rasputin, especially in the Duma.

With this power and influence with the Tsar and Tsaritsa, "papa" and "mama" as he affectionly called them, Rasputin's private life was no longer a great matter of concern. He was always surrounded by his women disciples when in St. Petersburg at the flat rented for him by the widow Bashmakova. It is thought when first arriving in the capitol Rasputin may have solely lived with her. Later his other disciples arrived, plus his two daughters and son occupied the resident. These women came and went in service of Rasputin. Many of these women claimed he healed them from various diseases, but according to Rasputin's biographers most of them were hysterical. When they gathered together, they gathered in a room called the "Holy of Hollies." The discussions ranged from the divine to sexual matters. One day Rasputin predicted his death in this Holy of Hollies.

In other rooms Rasputin received visitors and conducted business. With his influence with the royal family it might be imagine all Russian society called upon Rasputin. He was not above receiving expensive gifts for his services, many went to his family; nor was he hesitant in helping others. Many times he called for his helpers to bring more bank notes for the poor.

It is not clear what Rasputin really wanted. He was definitely a man who had two personalities, if not more. He desired holiness but was not cut out for the discipline of the monastery. He also desired the world and sex. With his life in view, it would appear that Rasputin tried combining both worlds. To some he was a priest, or holy man, while to others he was a politician, one to be petitioned to receive favors from. Usually most men in such a position are dangerous, but Rasputin on the whole seemed not to be dangerous, true he was not above accepting bribes or gifts, but he was, also, generous to others, especially the poor. One fact which seemed to account for his generosity was his peasant background which he never forgot.

Once he claimed he held the fate of Russia in his fist. Perhaps he did because toward the end he always urged the Empress to tell the Tsar to keep the food trains moving to feed the people. After the Empire fell, the trains stopped, and the rioting people stole their food.

As he had predicted Rasputin's death signalled the collapsed of the Russian Empire. But, ironically a leading member of that empire executed that death. Young Prince Felix Yusupov was one of the wealthiest men in Russian and his marriage to the Tsar's niece Irina Alexandrovna gave him a social status which few dreamed of. And like most of the royal society of that time Yusupov followed few intellectual pursuits. He was a bored man of leisure. To end this dull boredom of the very rich Yusupov conceived of the idea of committing a murder.

Yusupov's prime candidate for his murder was Grigori Rasputin. Even though the latter tried his best to befriend the Prince, the young man disliked him. Yusupov disliked Rasputin's crude peasant ways, especially the way he so cordially addressed the high members of society, and the way he embraced and fondled women, this was especially true of Munia Golovin the woman that was to marry Yusupov's dead brother. But it was through Munia and her mother that Yusupov met Rasputin.

But the time of the murder Yusupov multiplied the reasons he had for killing Rasputin. Among his accomplices was a Dr. Purish- kevich, who was active in the Red Cross and director of his own hospital train. Another accomplice was the Grand Duke Dimitri. The later, being a member of the royal household, was not subject to local authorities and assured Yusupov freedom from the law. The only one who could subject them to the enforcement of the law was the Emperor himself who later pardoned them and sent them into exile.

The Prince invited Rasputin to a midnight tea on the pretense of meeting his wife Irina. He picked up Rasputin and the Doctor drove them to Yusupov's home where the Prince showed his guest into a cellar dinning room. There Rasputin ate cake and drank wine laced white cyanide while his host played American folk songs on a guitar. After making several trips upstairs to tell his accomplices the poison wasn't working and asking if the doctor had administered the right amount, Yusupov finally got tired of the whole affair and shot Rasputin. There were also suggestions that Rasputin was chain whipped before he died, and his penis was severed.

To most of the Russian royalty and government the three men were heroes. They were glad to see Rasputin gone. But, it was the peasants that revolted. Rasputin was their own and their friend. It was these uncontrollable revolts that ended the Empire and ushered in Communism as Rasputin had predicted. A.G.H.

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